Councillor Duncan to run for re-election


Councillor Kiersten Duncan is officially announcing that she is running for re-election. She is proud of the work she’s accomplished during her first term of office and plans to continue fighting for solutions to homelessness, to build more affordable housing and to reduce transportation costs. Councillor Duncan has supported every proposed solution to homelessness that has been brought forward by the Province and has advocated for housing and health care services, especially mental health and addictions, to be available and accessible to homeless residents in Maple Ridge. She has worked hard to implement the policies needed to create affordable rental units and homes for seniors, single parents, students and those living with disabilities: “I’ve helped secure over 600 rental units in our community and will work hard to create more”.

Councillor Duncan is also a fierce advocate for affordable public transportation and will continue to fight Translink’s proposed “mobility pricing” or “distance-based charges” that would dramatically and unfairly increase the cost of transportation for Maple Ridge residents. “Many of our residents drive long distances for work and need to use their vehicles as part of their jobs. This funding model unfairly targets our residents who already receive little in service from Translink. It will be unaffordable for seniors and anyone who has to drive to Vancouver for medical treatment”. She continues to work towards a solution that will allow Translink to fund much-needed transportation infrastructure in the region without unfairly taxing the citizens of Maple Ridge.

As a passionate environmentalist, Councillor Duncan has consistently supported policies and initiatives that protect our environment and the long-term health of our community. She’s funded conservation efforts, supported the new tree bylaw, and the creation of the Environmental Advisory Committee. She has a strong track record of opposing exclusion applications from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), instead promoting the protection of our agricultural lands, food security, and the livelihood of our current and future farmers.

Councillor Duncan advocates for sustainable, long-term development that will keep taxes low, reduce servicing costs, allowing residents to better connect with their community, and increase the opportunity for them to work, play, and live in Maple Ridge. “I am very humbled to have been chosen to serve our community for the past four years as a City Councillor and am excited to run for re-election; to continue the work you asked me to do.” Councillor Duncan proudly holds the title of youngest City Councillor currently elected in the Province of British Columbia. During her inaugural term, she helped bring a diverse, fresh way of thinking to City Council and will continue to advocate for opportunities for youth to be involved in local politics.

Councillor Duncan, a life-long resident of Maple Ridge, attended Maple Ridge Secondary before graduating from Samuel Robertson Technical. Formerly a lifeguard and outdoor guide, Councillor Duncan currently teaches First Aid for first responders, health care professionals, and the general public and is certified by the Canadian Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the Lifesaving Society. She is currently studying Geography at the University of the Fraser Valley focusing on environmental science and urban development with supporting courses in communications and political science.